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Kent Wedding Videographer - 
Wedding Videography Throughout Kent

"Our guests didn't even notice you were there!"

We consistently receive wonderful feedback from our couples, and it fills us with immense joy! Our style is unobtrusive and easygoing - the film we produce captures all the authentic joy, laughter, and heartfelt tears from your special day!

Simply put, our passion is in what we do.

We capture the emotions and magic of your wedding day through stunning videography. With over a decade of filming and editing expertise, we tell your unique love story in a captivating and timeless film.

Wedding Videographer Kent

Whether you're dreaming of a charming vineyard ceremony in Kent, a whimsical tipi reception, or an opulent country house celebration, we have over a decade of experience capturing love stories in diverse settings. We understand how to adapt to each unique space, ensuring your wedding film reflects the magic of your special day.


Let's chat about your vision! Contact us today.

Why Choose A&A Video as your Wedding Videographer in Kent

Kent videography weaves a captivating story of your wedding day, blending contemporary style with timeless romance. We capture the essence of each unique celebration in this picturesque county. Kent's diverse landscapes, from dramatic cliffs overlooking the English Channel to rolling hills and charming villages, offer a stunning backdrop for your wedding film.

As wedding videographers in this region, we are blessed with the opportunity to frame your special moments against such versatile and breathtaking scenery.


Our approach at A & A Video to wedding videography in Kent is deeply rooted in storytelling, aiming to create a cinematic experience that not only recounts the events of the day but also weaves in the emotional depth and personal narratives of each couple. We focus on capturing the candid moments – the laughter, tears, and joy that naturally unfold

Whether it’s a grand affair in a stately manor or an intimate gathering in a secluded garden, our films capture the essence of your day while paying homage to the rich, diverse landscapes and architectural beauty of Kent. The final product is not just a wedding video; it’s a timeless keepsake, a story of love and celebration set against the backdrop of one of the UK's most beautiful counties.

A & A Video are always honoured to film weddings throughout Kent. We are looking forward to many more!

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