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What is your booking process?


If you have decided we are the videographer for you - amazing! We need a booking form filling in, a contract signing and a £300 deposit to secure your date. This is all very simple and can all be done online.


Do we get to meet you before the wedding?


We think it’s very important to have a chat about your day and get to know each other before the wedding. If you are local to the East Yorkshire area we are happy to meet up for a coffee to go through the plans for your wedding. But if you are slightly further a field it is nothing to worry about, as we can organise a Skype / FaceTime chat so that we can see each other face to face. 


How do you work with photographers?


We love working with photographers, it is about working with them as a team as we are both working for you to capture the perfect memories! We are lucky to have worked with some incredible photographers in the past and have built a fantastic relationship with many in the local area. However, if it is someone we haven’t worked with in the past we will send them a message to reach out to them and have a chat before the wedding day.


Are you insured?


We have full public liability insurance along with separate bespoke insurance for commercial use of our aerial drone. Copies of these can be provided if necessary.


How long do I have to wait for my videos?


Our usual turn around time is 5-7 weeks, but towards September as the summer weddings have come and gone the editing time could increase slightly - but we are always available to contact throughout if you wanted to check in.


What happens if your camera breaks?!


This is an incredibly valid question! There is absolutely nothing to worry about though as we have two of everything on a wedding day, including audio equipment and drones, just in case something was to fail on the day.


We have covered our most frequently asked questions, but if you have any that are not listed feel free to ask

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