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Sonia & Matt - Intricate Details and Incredible Dancing

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

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Sonia and Matt’s wedding film has so many moments that make you smile when watching. The way that Matt speaks so beautifully about his new wife and her fantastic qualities is wonderful, and when paired with the smiles and laughter of their couples shoot, you can see just how perfect they are for each other.

Their wedding took place at Wharfedale Grange - one of Yorkshire’s newest luxury wedding venues, described by the owners as ‘romantic industrialist’. Set in the grounds of Harewood House, Wharfedale Grange’s impressive modern barn was the ideal location for Sonia and Matt’s Anglo Indian Fusion Wedding.

One of the pure joys of filming weddings is capturing the emotions of the day; the smiles, the tears, the laughter... With one of the most incredible best man speeches we’ve ever heard, it was hard to keep the camera steady!

The closing sentiments of the speech gave all the best wishes to the happy couple, and more importantly, instructed that there will be a big, big, big party that night.

It did not disappoint.

To capture such beautifully energetic dancing on film is a treat, and when you throw in a few confetti cannons - the results are spectacular...

Photographer - Kazooieloki

Venue - Wharfedale Grange

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